The Art Of Superfood – Microgreens.

Did you ever ask yourself why is what, when, where, how often is happening – without any productive answer? Welcome to philosophy.
We are what we eat is a way of believing. One of many. But it seems, it’s closest to reality. Look around!

If you look at the images of pea sprouts, the probably most simple micro greens you can home grow, you will find a idea of what it means: The seeds are super cheap to buy and they will germinate and grow very fast, are high on nutritions and look extremely beautiful. Depending where you get your seeds from, make sure it’s most possible way organic. You only need whole green peas, soak them over night in water and next day you can plant the peas into soil and keep them humid. Don’t be overeager but in 10++ days later you’ll find a crowd of stalks full of energy, power and soul. Imagine, you did discover the opposite of junk food! Optically, physically and tasty you won’t find another comparable edible or food product close to micro greens. Microgreens are common veggies and herbs, harvested quite early. Therefore full of vitamins, minerals and yummy. The taste reminds mostly on the plants outgrown fruit.

Why superfood?
Imagine that: A seed contains all informations, a plant needs to have from begin to grow big and reproduce. Also a very strict protection modus is operating before, during and little after the germination. Be aware. But once, the plant has grown a certain level of stages, it becomes free and that is the time to get attracted by us. Now we can become part of the energy and information flow. The more careful we feed with positive energy and rinse the seed, the more generated energy we will be able to find. That is real holistic.

Who is perfect?
HA ha! The moment you won’t regret might be an answer. But if we look at microgreens, there is a list of rocket, mustard, salad, beetroot, variations of cabbage, radish, coriander, dill, basil, cress, carrots, peas or even cervil seeds of being appropriate and suitable to become a decent one. Where ever you think, it’s the place to grow your own ones, do it. Use mixed manure soil for best results. A research has proved that pea sprouts are high in protein.

Fresh as possible!
Once you harvest your tiny but huge vitamin factories, you got to consume them straight away to keep the power alive!

Have a try!

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