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Abnehmen Pinguine am Strand

Your Mind Nature is my master – my teacher. Listen to the worth watching recent interview with Wim Hof. What is enlightenment in one sentence?: Just be happy, strong and healthy. The rest is bullshit. Inflammation is known as THE source of any disease. If you can become in control over your immune system, you can control anything. Even your life span. His way to become connect your body with your mind is the “WIm Hof Methode”. Simply based on deep breathing what causes controlled hyperventilation and again hypoxia and systematic cold exposure. We are born with the ability of the connection to nature. Where did it go? It somehow got lost by living with an overdose of convenience: Wearing clothes over 24hrs, living in fully isolated heated or air-conditioned flats and houses, moving around in motorized cars and mostly a living under artificial time pressure. This all is a…