Buchu Tee

Buchu Tee hat viel zu bieten.

Vokabeln wie Entwässerung, allgemeines Gesundheitstonikum, Mineralien, Antioxidantien, Antiseptikum, Vitamine A,B,C und E zeigen das gewaltige Spektrum auf, welches sich im Buchu birgt.

Die im südlichen Afrika beheimatete Pflanze ist eine der im artenvielfältigen Raum vorkommenden Spezies mit der derzeit erkannten besonderen Wirkung. Geschmacklich liegt Buchu weit vorne, es lehnt an einen interessanten Kräutertee an.


Try it!


Sole – A Salty Morning Take Off

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Get up – stand up – resalt yourself!

When ever you start your day with a tea spoon sole and three glasses filtered tap water, your metabolism will benefit. Adult bodies contain an interesting amount of 150-300g salt. If you remember that your sweat some out whilst sleep, it makes more then sense to refill the necessary leak asap.

Sole works holistic: It improves digestion, micronutrients calm down our nerve system, minerals benefit our bone health, detoxing due to anti bacterial effect and many more.

Sure, you really have to get used to the taste. But mort important for sure is the massive effect with little work. Zero side effects – and if so, be glad that it happens now!

To make your own sole mixture, simply put as much unrefined rock salt like the famous himalaya salt into a jar with water. The water will absorb until it’s saturation. Ready. Just make sure, the sole does not contact any metal as the minerals might react.


Here is a list of some recommended products:

Salt crumbs:     

Beautiful jar:     


Waterkefir to improve wellness

WATERKEFIR • Receipe For Good Vibrations


Did you know that emotions also are also regulated by your gut?  And good gut wellness  is indicated by living free of flu and cold symptoms. Many ways can improve snd benefit. one rather simple, tasty and reasonable option you find in kefir drinks. My personal coice is water kefir due to I don’t like milk too much. Put two scoops grains into a decent bottle and add 80-100g sugar per liter water and some dry fruits. After 3-5 day you have gained a real probiotics liquid that booths your immune system.


Enjoy the good feeling!

Kefir Grains: We will help you.