This is a list of characters of BIOMEVILLE ideas:

Watch them closely to become insight.

Sadhguru • One of the most inspiring pesonalities ever

The way our biology works by Dr. Bruce Lipton:

Tools to fix the subconscious mind:

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


Joe Dispenza: Master your mind:

Master your mind by DANDAPANI:

Why and how to reset your body by WIM HOF:

Dieter Boers: Pineal Gland Compendium

Wolf-Dieter Storl – Wissenschaft erkennt langsam Schamanenwissen

Köbi Meile: Autosuggestion nach Coué:


A trauma does not always lead to addiction but addictions are always triggerd by trauma: Gabor Maté

The world between the lines: Greg Bradden:

TAO medicine: Mantak Chia

Extreme Ownerchip: Jacko Willink

The master of talk, inspiration and boot camp: Brian Rose / with his influencing mentor: Dan Pena

Jay Shetty’s inspirational speeches:

Der Meister der Selbstheilung: Er hat mich vor 15 Jahren bereits inspiriert: Clemens Kuby.

David Precht: High End Philosophy

Dr. Karl Probst: Es gibt keine Krankheiten:

Break your habbits: