Apple Crisps – Your cholesterol reamer and pectin-fibre supplier

Go out and conserve your late summer harvested dry apples! Super easy to make, tastes great and health benefits you. A regular consumption lowers cholesterol. Although dry fruits are higher in fructose in compare to fresh, that does not effect you too bad as the drying process of apples builds up the dietary fibre pectin. That is known to satiate nicely. In compare: Fresh apples do have 1-1,5% pectin – dry apples are roughly about 10-15%! You eat less! By the way, leave the seeds with it and eat them, too!

If you have access to a dehydrator, just slice apples in 2-3mm thick sheets and dry them for about 6-10hrs at 40°C or use your slightly open stove (use a towel as doorman) at lowest temperature.


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